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  • Initial testing will be conducted in accordance with ORS 332.166-167 before January 1, 2021. Because buildings age and ground beneath settles, radon entry may increase due to cracks in the foundation. For that reason, ORS 332.166-167 requires that schools be tested once every 10 years regardless of initial testing results or wether mitigation was done.

    Suggested times, for retesting, in addition to that required under ORS 332.166-167, are as follows:

    1. Current national guidelines (ANSI/AARST, 2014) recommend that school buildings be re-tested every five years.
    2. If radon mitigation measures have been implemented in a school, retest these systems as periodic check to ensure that the radon mitigation measures are working. EPA does not provide a specific interval, but OHA recommends that schools with radon mitigation measures retest every 5 years.


  • Centennial Radon Management Plan