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School Counselors


The Counseling and Guidance Program in the Centennial School District is based on the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Framework.  Centennial counselors, child development specialists and school staff are restructuring traditional guidance and counseling services in a way that enables all students to become engaged in and excited about school.

Counselors, child development specialists and school staff help students identify their strengths, skills, talents, interests, goals, and dreams, and develop a plan, based on those things, that they use to direct their learning experiences from kindergarten to 12th grade and beyond.  These plans then become an integrated and key part of the school culture.  Students use their plans to focus in on what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they will use it in their futures.  Teachers use these plans to develop relevant curriculum, adjust their teaching styles, and to connect with students.

Counselors and staff also want to ensure that all students have at least one caring adult who mentors them and helps them with their plans.  All of this is coordinated by the school counselor or child development specialist and ultimately will improve attendance, grades, and graduation rates, and lay the groundwork for students to become successful adults after they graduate from high school.

To learn more about Centennial District’s Counseling and Guidance Program or if you have specific questions or concerns about your child, please contact your school counselor.