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About us:
We are located behind the Centennial High School Stadium in the blue garage and attached office. The Maintenance Department is under the management of The Facilities Director - Jason La Farge who is the Director of Business & Operations -  Paul Southerton.  We now have an Assistant Facilities  Director - Joseph C Brown. Under these leaders are a small team of skilled construction/journeyman employees, district wide custodial employees, and a part-time Department Secretary. 

Environmental Safety in Schools

Centennial recognizes the importance of providing schools and facilities that are safe, healthy, clean and comfortable. The District has plans in place to identify and eliminate or manage known hazards such as lead, radon, polychlorinated biphenyls and asbestos. The district also has plans in place to provide good indoor air quality. The use of chemicals and pesticides is kept to a minimum and adequate notification is provided. 

Lead-based Paint - All lead based paint has been painted over and safely encapsulated. When re-painting is done, appropriate steps are taken to ensure compliance with all safety standards in place at the time. 

Drinking Water -  Drinking water is routinely tested in the schools for lead pollution. Testing is ongoing and current results are available on the district website

Asbestos - Asbestos was commonly used in schools prior to 1989. We are in full compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Response Act (AHERA) by having buildings inspected by accredited inspectors and employing a management plan for control. The management plan is available for public inspection at the district office and in each school office.

Radon - A naturally occurring substance that comes up from the soil in certain geographic areas. The District routinely monitors for radon by qualified inspectors. Results will be posted on the district website or available from the contacts listed above

Polychlorinated Biphenyls - (PCB’s) used in light fixtures until 1979 have been eliminated from all schools as of August, 2013.

Indoor air quality should meet standards established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). This is accomplished by providing fresh air ventilation. Anyone who has a concern about indoor air quality should first report it to the building principal or any of the contacts listed above. 

Chemicals and pesticides are used to the very minimum extent necessary for school operations. If you need any of those supplies, contact the maintenance department for assistance.

Please contact one of our team members if you have any questions or concerns at 503-762-3671.

Centennial School District’s Healthy and Safe Schools Plan
The person responsible for administering and implementing the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan:

Jason La Farge is the Centennial School District Facilities Director and is designated to oversee the following:

IPM Coordinator
AHERA information

For information regarding asbestos, lead, radon, integrated pest management or other environmental or sanitation concerns please contact:

Joseph C. Brown 

Facilities Assistant Director for Environmental Safety & Sanitation

Centennial School District, 18135 SE Brooklyn St., Portland, OR 97236

Cell: (503) 572-4157 |

List Facilities
All facilities owned and leased by Centennial School District where students or staff are present on a regular basis are covered by this HASS Plan. The list of those buildings and facilities is below:

Facility Name

Facility Address

Administrative Office

18135 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97236

ITC – Technology & Assessment

18009 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97236

Maintenance Department

3424 SE 174th, Portland, OR 97236

Dining Services

3424 SE 174th, Portland, OR 97236

Transportation Department

3505 SE 182nd Ave., Gresham OR 97030

Centennial High School

3505 SE 182nd Ave., Gresham OR 97030

Centennial Middle School

17650 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97236

Centennial Park School

17630 SE Main, Portland, OR 97233

Centennial Transition Center

2632 SE 162nd, Portland, OR 97236

Butler Creek Elementary School

2789 SE Butler Road, Gresham, OR 97080

Meadows Elementary School

18009 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97236

Oliver Middle School

15640 SE Taylor, Portland, OR 97233

Parklane Elementary School

15811 SE Main, Portland, OR 97233

Patrick Lynch Elementary School

1546 SE 169 Place, Portland, OR 97233

Pleasant Valley Elementary School

17625 SE Foster Rd., Gresham. OR 97080

Powell Butte Elementary School

3615 SE 174th, Portland, OR 97236