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Student Success Act

Student Success Act

October 13, 2021

[Click here to view a full version of the Student Success Act as presented during the Nov. 2022 Board Meeting.]

Grant recipients of the Student Investment Account are required by statute to review district progress on an annual basis through a cumulative progress report. The allocation for 2020-21 from the Student Investment Account to Centennial School District was $1,688,780.

We are pleased to report that Centennial’s SIA allocation was increased for 2021-2022 (current year) to approximately $4.1M, which will allow us to enhance our service and programs to better meet the needs of Centennial students.


The purpose of the Student Investment Account funds are to:

The District’s Strategic Plan Destination 2023 aligns with the Student Investment Account allocations in four key priority areas: Student-focused Teaching and Learning, Healthy Culture and Environment, Effective Systems and Programs, and Community & Partnerships.

In 2019-20, the Centennial School District participated in an extensive need assessment including a data review and community, staff, and student engagement processes. Meaningful community engagement helped inform the use of the funds with a focus on supporting historically underserved students.

The key themes that emerged from the district’s needs assessment during the initial Student Investment Account include:


  • Teacher training for working with diverse students
  • Teacher training for teaching bilingual students
  • Smaller class sizes to allow teachers and students to build relationships


  • More attention to equity and cultural responsiveness
  • Upgrading facilities
  • Reducing class size
  • More electives, including sports

These themes informed the development of the three-year proposal for the Student Investment Account (SIA) funds and was approved by the Oregon Department of Education and the Centennial School Board on March 18, 2020.

The following strategies and activities that are part of the Centennial School District three-year Student Investment Account (2020-2023) plan align with the District’s Strategic Plan Destination 2023 goals and outcomes. They will be implemented gradually over a three-year period. 


Year 1 (2020-2021) Activities Year 2 (2021-2022) Activities
-Centennial Virtual Academy Program

-Maintain all Year 1 actions

-Implementing supersensory spaces at elementary schools (purchased the supplies) -Add various essential positions to meet SIA goals (installation, training and implementation)
-Family engagement activities, community outreach with community partners -Professional development targeted for equity and culturally responsiveness
-Communication Specialist - capacity building

-Curriculum /assessment materials supporting core instruction

-Various essential positions to meet SIA goals  


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Presenter/Staff Contact:
Maureen Callahan, Director of Curriculum and Student Learning

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