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School Board

Welcome to a meeting of your school board!

We are always pleased when you take the time to join us! Your interest in the Centennial School District and your presence at a board meeting are appreciated. Our board, as elected school board members, is interested in your concerns and opinions. Your participation is a vital part of our school system’s success.

We hope that attending a school board meeting will give you a better understanding of just how the school district operates. We encourage public participation in our meetings and welcome your comments. Time is set aside during the “Public Forum” portion of each regular board meeting to hear the views of citizens, staff, and students. If you are interested in addressing the board, please review the procedures for public comment listed under Public Forum below. If you attend a board meeting just to listen and learn, that is great! Just sit back and get a feel for “democracy in action.”

Copies of the board meeting agenda, as well as minutes from previous meetings, are available on our district website and on the table just outside the board room door when the board meets.

The board tries to have a brief recess break at approximately 8:30 pm, though, you are free to leave whenever you wish .

We encourage you to submit your comments and questions to the superintendent’s office. All items on the agenda originate through the superintendent’s office. If there is a particular item that you feel should be addressed by the board, please contact the superintendent’s office. You may also write or call to request a personal conference with the superintendent by contacting:


Pamela Jordan, Exec. Asst. to the Superintendent and Board Secretary
Centennial School District
18135 SE Brooklyn Street
Portland, Oregon, 97236-1049



Where does the board meet?
The board meets in the board room at the Centennial School District office 18135 SE Brooklyn Street, Portland, Oregon, unless otherwise indicated on the board meeting agenda for a meeting.

When does the board meet?
The Centennial School District Governing Board generally meets at 7:00 pm on the second and fourth Wednesday’s of the month except during the months of March, June, July, August, November, and December.  The board meeting schedule for the upcoming school year is adopted during the March board meeting and posted to the district website for reference.  The superintendent and board officers may choose to change any of the regular board meeting dates to a board work session as needed.

What is the purpose of the board meetings?
Board meetings are not public meetings, but are meetings held in public for the purpose of conducting the business of the school district. All business is conducted in public with the exception of items discussed in confidential executive sessions as allowed by state statute.

If you wish to address the board, we ask that you complete and submit to the board secretary an “Audience Participation” card, which you will find on the table just outside the board room.  The board chair will call upon you to address the board under Item 4.0 – Public Forum.  Please note:  This would not, however, include any issue pertaining to a personnel matter.


What is the board’s role?
The board is comprised of seven publicly elected community members who serve four-year terms and are non-paid.  Three board members reside in the zone they represent and four serve at-large representing the district as a whole (Board Zone Map).

The board is responsible for providing an educational program for the district’s roughly 6,400 students.  They do not have offices in school district buildings.

The board’s main responsibility is to set the district’s mission, vision and priorities. The board is further responsible for setting district policy and budget priorities upon which all administrative actions are based.

The board is further responsible for hiring the superintendent. The superintendent in turn is responsible for carrying out board decisions, providing educational leadership, and managing the district’s budget and staff.



Rod Boettcher, Board Member
Position 6 – At-Large
Term Expires: June 2021

Ernie Butenschoen, Board Member
Position 1 – Zone 1
Term Expires: June 2021

Sumitra Chhetri, Board Member
Position 3 – At Large
Term Expires: June 2023

Rhonda Etherly, Board Member
Position 5 – Zone 3
Term Expires: June 2021

Ronald “Jess” Hardin, Board Member
Position 2 – Zone 2
Term Expires: June 2023

Amanda Schroeder, Board Member
Position 7 – At Large
Term Expires: June 2021

Pam Shields, Board Chair
Position 4 – At-Large
Term Expires: June 2023