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Environmental Safety in Schools

The school district recognizes the importance of providing schools and facilities that are safe, healthy, clean and comfortable. Awareness by school staff and the public of potentially hazardous conditions and substances has increased significantly. The District has plans in place to identify and eliminate or manage known hazards such as lead, radon, polychlorinatedbiphenyls and asbestos. The district also has plans in place to provide good indoor air quality. The use of chemicals and pesticides is kept to the absolute minimum and adequate notification is provided. Questions about any of these or any other facilities related issue can be e-mailed to facilities@csd28j.org or you can call the district maintenance supervisor at 503-762-3671 or the district administration office at 503-760-7990.

Lead based paint may have been used in schools prior to 1978. All of that paint has been painted over and safely encapsulated. When re-painting is done, appropriate steps are taken to ensure compliance with all safety standards in place at the time.   If you observe peeling, cracking or chipping paint please report it to the building principal or the contacts listed above.

The district has tested drinking water in the schools for lead contamination. A few locations that were tested required remediation and have been fixed. Testing is ongoing and current results are available on the district website or through the contacts listed above.

Asbestos was used in schools prior to 1989. The primary uses were in floor tile, adhesives and insulation. We are in full compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Response Act (AHERA) by having buildings inspected by accredited inspectors and employing a management plan for control. The management plan is available for public inspection at the district office and in each school office.

Radon is a naturally occurring substance that comes up from the soil in certain geographic areas. The District has done sampling for radon and plans are in place for regular monitoring. Results will be posted on the district website or available from the contacts listed above.

Polychlorinatedbiphenyls (PCB’s) used in light fixtures until 1979 have been eliminated from all schools as of August, 2013.

Indoor air quality should meet standards established by American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). This is accomplished by providing fresh air ventilation. Anyone who has a concern about indoor air quality should first report it to the building principal or any of the contacts listed above. Buildings can provide a form to register a written concern about indoor air quality.

Chemicals and pesticides are used to the very minimum extent necessary for school operation. We ask employees, students and patrons not to bring any cleaning supplies, pesticides, weed killers, bug sprays or other substances into the school/work environment. If you need any of those supplies, contact the maintenance department for assistance.

Working together and communicating openly on these topics is the best way to keep our students, staff and the public safe in Centennial Schools. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.