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First Student Strategic Planning Session with Administrative Team on November 8, 2017

Destination 2023

CSD Launches a Strategic Planning Process


In the spring of 2017, our district leadership team partnered with the Oregon Department of Education to complete a comprehensive data analysis to prepare us to enter into a Strategic Planning process.  This fall and winter, Brad Geise, consultant with Education for the Future and lead facilitator in this process, is engaging our educators, staff, parents, students and community members in an input process to create a multi-year Strategic Plan.  Over the course of the year, four two-day sessions are scheduled to bring representative teams together to engage in this process.



Why Strategic Planning?


Strategic Planning is a highly collaborative process that involves all of our school communities through activities designed to solicit input at the school level in the plan development.  Involving stakeholders throughout the district and community will enable us to create a five (5) year plan known as Destination 2023 that defines outcomes and aligns strategies based on a common mission and vision for the district.  Destination 2023 is designed to be transparent and collaborative, provide guidance and support, and align our efforts as we build organizational capacity to create a high reliability district.  By having a strategic plan, we can ensure that our collective energies and resources are focused on commonly defined priorities, and that we can measure our progress towards success.





Our Strategic Planning Process Timeline:Our Strategic Planning Process Timeline


Visual of Strategic Planning Process

Destination 2023 Animation


Empowering Student Voice

On November 8th we had our first Student Strategic Planning Session.  This session was made up of student representatives from CHS, CPS and CMS. Over 30 students spent time in teams reviewing attendance data, identifying a problem and using the Problem Solving Cycle to address the issue. This  meeting was co-facilitated by Student Board Representative Reyna Tapia Herrera and Centennial High School Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre.  The Student Strategic Planning team will reconvene and hold two follow up meetings after the winter break to continue their analysis. By creating space for students to be active participants in the strategic planning process, we are seeing innovative ideas and practices emerge.


Guiding Materials & Agendas 

Guiding Text: Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement, by Victoria L. Bernhardt, PH.D.  Centennial Staff is currently using the 4th Edition, Using Data, which contains an overview of the work, example data, and facilitation guides for engaging staff with data.

Below you will find links to the agendas for the September and October Strategic Planning sessions

Strategic Planning Sessions Agenda for September 2017

Strategic Planning Sessions Agenda for October 2017

Strategic Planning Session Agendas for January 2018

Strategic Planning Session Agendas for March 2018

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