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Centennial School District’s graduation rate continues to improve

There are lots of good things happening in the Centennial School District. The state of Oregon has released the graduation rates for the 2013-2014 school year showing the number of students graduating up to 72 percent from 68.7 percent a year ago, reflecting steady growth over the last five years. In Centennial the district’s four-year cohort graduation rate increased eight points from 65 percent to 73 percent and Centennial High School’s rate went from 79 percent to 82 percent.


Over the past five years, the district’s four-year graduation rate has gone from 57 percent to 73 percent – and this was during a time of significant budget challenges.  The increase in graduation rate is a credit to the focus and dedication of staff and improvement of how we identify and support students.


Our five-year rate dipped slightly this year, but that was expected since last year’s four-year cohort rate had a slight dip as well.


There is still work to be done. Gaps still remain for students in underserved groups in both our four-year graduation and five-year completer rate.  However, one celebration is a Black/African American five-year completer rate that exceeds the All Students rate – 81 percent for the district and 93 percent at CHS.


We expect the graduation rate in Centennial School District to continue to improve. The district has made significant changes in the structures that support students that have yet to be reflected in our graduation rate.  These include:

–  Use of early warning indicators to identify and serve students before they experience continued failure:

–  Students into OPEN school coming out of sixth grade

–  Centennial Park School shifting the service model to begin supporting students at the transition point between middle school and high school, and

–  Addition of targeted ninth grade support to increase the number of students on track to graduate.


According to Superintendent Sam Breyer, “This is a tangible recognition of our good work and the progress we’re making in Centennial.  It’s also a call for continued improvement as one out of four students are still not graduating on time.”