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2018-19 Centennial School District Transfer Information

Students who live in the boundaries of other school districts may request a transfer into the Centennial School District, and students who live in the Centennial School District may ask for permission to attend schools in other districts.

Permission for standard transfer in or out of a school district is decided based on both districts involved, priorities by Oregon legislature, district school boards, space availability and random lottery numbers. There is usually a set time frame for applying for transfers, and late applications can be denied.

There are state laws that govern the inter district transfer process. Inter district transfer laws are complex and have changed considerably over the past several years. Permission for standard transfers in or out of a school district is decided based on priorities by Oregon Legislature, district school boards, space availability and random lottery numbers. There is usually a set time frame for applying for inter-district transfers, and late applications can be denied. Generally, transfer decisions are made in the spring and summer for the following school year.

Transportation on all transfers will be solely the responsibility of the students’ parents/guardian.

All transfers are contingent upon satisfactory attendance, behavior and citizenship.Transfer approval will be revoked for students who are either:

  1. Chronically absent (defined as missing 10% of school days) in a grading period.
  2. Students who receive two or more suspensions from school.
  3. Repeated late drop off and/or picked up.

2018-19 School Year Transfer Timetable

  • March 1-April 1, 2018 – Open Enrollment – Transferring Into the District-ClosedThis is the only time you can transfer to another district without needing a release from your own district. Generally districts identify specific grades and/or schools that are open for transfer.
  • May 14-June 15, 2018 – Inter District Transfers out of the DistrictClosed.This is the time to request a release from Centennial School District to attend school in another district.
  • May 14-July 13, 2018-– Inter District Transfers into the District-Closed . This is the time to request to come into the Centennial School District after the Open Enrollment process. Please contact to resident school district for a release, this will then be your application into the district.
  • July 13-August 15, 2018 -Intra district transfers (Elementary to Elementary Transfers)Closed.
  •  This is the time to apply for your student to attend a different elementary school within the  Centennial School District for 2018-2019

Summer / Midyear Move Transfers – If you moved after June 15, 2018

Summer move transfers are granted for one school year (2018-19) for students who move during the summer and have missed the Inter district transfer process for 1 year.

If you move INTO the Centennial School District  boundaries after June 15th, 2018 (therefore missing the application process for interdistrict transfers out of the Centennial School District) and wish to remain at your last attended school please contact that schools district office transfer department for options.

If you move OUT of the Centennial School District boundaries after June 15th, 2018  into another school district you may remain with Centennial School District for the remainder of the 2018-19 school year. This transfer is good ONLY for the remainder of the current school year 2018-19. Please fill out the Summer move application below and return it to our district office.

For Printable Midyear Forms Please Click Here – Click Here

Intra District Transfer Requests- Transferring Elementary Schools Within the Centennial School District  July 13 2018 to August 15 2018 – Closed

Students who currently live within the Centennial School District boundaries may request to attend another elementary school within our district. Specific schools and grades available will be based on individual schools and space. Please note schools will be closed durring the summer and decisions will not be made until late August when schools are able to see if they will have any additional space.

Interdistrict Transfers Into The Centennial School District-Closed 

A limited number of students will be accepted into the Centennial School district for the 2018-19 school year. Up to 58 non-resident students will be allowed to enroll into the Centennial School District. Specific schools and grades available are based the individual schools.

Families must contact their resident home school district to request an interdistrict transfer release out of that district. That release will work as the application request into the Centennial School District.

Please note: Due to capacity and projected numbers for the 2018-19 school year the Centennial School District will not be offering any slots in grades k-6 or Centennial Transition Center. In addition OPEN School East is a contracted service and we will not be accepting direct transfers to that school.

Open Enrollment into the Centennial School District– Open March 1st 2018 to April 1st 2018 –Closed

Oregon law requires each school district to decide annually by March 1st  whether they will accept open enrollment applications for the following school year from students living outside the requested school boundaries. Each district decides how many spots they will fill at each school. This transfer request is different than an inter district request because the student applying does not need to request approval to leave their current school or district. Those admitted are considered permanent residents of the Centennial School district until the 12th grade or until they choose to leave the district.

After reviewing capacity and current enrollment, the district has approved 110 open enrollment slots in grades K-12. Due to capacity and projected numbers for the 2018-19 school year Butler Creek Elementary, Patrick Lynch Elementary, Wood Elementary, Centennial Middle School, Centennial High School 11th and 12th grade and Centennial Transition school will not be accepting students under open enrollment.

Interdistrict Transfer Out of the Centennial School District  May 14-June 15, 2018- Closed

A limited number of transfer students are released out of the district each year. Students are granted an inter district transfer out of the district based on the Oregon legislature and the Centennial District Boards decision. If more students apply than allotted spaces are available, a random lottery will apply.

*NEW THIS YEAR* Students who were enrolled in their requested district’s as 11th graders in the 2017-18 school year or students who have siblings already enrolled and have received a transfer in the requested school will not need to participate in the lottery and will be released from the Centennial School District through the application process.

If you do not meet the criteria above, the Centennial School District will release up to 20 resident students to attend schools in other districts. Both sides must agree to the transfer and notification of the district’s decision will be sent to you by mail.The Centennial School District will forward your paperwork to your requested district.

Releases out of a district are good through 12th grade.   The Non- Resident district will determine the length of transfer in that district.